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The Ghost Blimp of 1942

On the 127th episode of Coffee With Jeff, I tell the amazing mystery of the crew of the L-8 Blimp. On August 16, 1942, a blimp carrying two men left the coast of San Francisco to look for, and possibly … Continue reading

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The Jersey Devil

On the 126th episode of Coffee With Jeff, I have the story ofThe Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil was a local legend in the Pine Barrens area of New Jersey for over 250 years but during a week in January … Continue reading

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The Pauline Cushman Story

During the American Civil War, actress Pauline Cushman stopped in the middle of a performance and said to the audience, “Here’s to Jeff Davis and the Southern Confederacy, May the South always maintain her honor and her rights.” She was … Continue reading

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