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Silly Putty, The Magic 8-Ball, and the Slinky

This is Coffee With Jeff’s last show… of 2016. Imagine an old man who does a podcast who decides to travel down memory lane and talk about the toys of his youth? Will the younger listeners roll their eyes and … Continue reading

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The H.T. Hunley

During the American Civil War; James McClintock, Baxter Watson and Horace Lawson Hunley designed and built a submarine to attack Union boats. The sub had an eight-man crew; one to steer the ship and seven to turn the propeller. And … Continue reading

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Florence Lawrence

In Hollywood, a name alone can attract a big paycheck. It wasn’t always that way. There was a time in the early days of filmmaking that the big studios wouldn’t allow the actors name to be known. They feared their … Continue reading

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