Cheesecake Anyone?

July 2nd, 2014

A Salute to the American Pin-up!

In this Sunday’s Coffee with Jeff – The Audio Podcast, we will have a interview with artist David Metzger about his most recent show in Elgin, Illinois.  The Show will be an interactive art show that celebrates the history of the American Pin-up. Featuring Mitch O’Connell “The Prince of Pop Art”, plus over 30 Chicago area and local artists, Pin-up models, Museum style display on the History of the Pin-up, Peep Show and much MORE!

Find out more on Sunday’s episode of Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff.

Nicholas White Trapped for 41 Hours

February 10th, 2014

Hello all,

Have You watched show 22 yet?  Like last week when I tried to do something different, so did I this week. In this show, I did a story of  Nicholas White, the man who was trapped in an elevator for 41 hours back in 1999. It was interesting to try to combine narration, me talking live and telling a true story all in 5 or 6 minutes. I think it came out fairly well.  Of course, being that I told the story in such a short bit of time, I hope people realize it is not the whole story and if they are interested in Nicholas White, they should do there own research.

Here is the transcript of the show. This is how it was written before I did the show, so I might have changed it a bit while doing the show.

41 hours – Part 1

Live - Boys and girls, have you ever wished you had some serious alone time, some me time?  I am going to do something different today and tell you the true tale, to the best of my understanding, of Nicholas White, a 34 year-old man you got to more “me time” than any person would wish for. In fact, the time he spent by himself would ruin his life.

Narration - It was early on a Friday evening in October of 1999. Nicholas was working on the 38 floor of a building in New York City when he made a life changing decision. He decided to go have a smoke. Taking the elevator down to the ground floor, we went outside and had a quick cigarette. Once his nicotine addiction was satisfied, he road the elevator back up the his office but he never made his destination. Somewhere between the 13th and 14th floor, the elevator unexpectedly came to a halt.

Live - Stuck in a elevator on a Friday evening by yourself. It could be worse, you could be stuck with Carrot Top or Rosie O’Donnell. Or imagine being stuck with the creepy guy you work with, you know, the guy who doesn’t talk, just stares/

Narration - Now there was no need to panic as the elevator was equipped with an emergency alarm, and intercom and security cameras. The alarm rang, the camera recorded his every move and the intercom worked, but none of them proved rescue. His fellow workers up on the 38 floor noticed his absence but thought he had skipped out to begin an early weekend.

Live - You see, the thing about security cameras and intercoms, they only provide help if someone is on the other end paying attention.

41 hours – Part 1

Narration - 34 year old, Nicholas White  found himself trapped in a elevator. He was not wearing a watch or carrying a cell phone. He began to pace, not knowing how much time was passing. The only things he had in his pockets were 3 cigarettes and 2 Rolaids tablets.  He resisted smoking as smoking wasn’t permitted in the building and he feared the door would open and he would be caught and the Rolaids tablets, he thought, would accelerate dehydration so those where of no use. Dehydration was his biggest fear as he had no water.

Live - I’m not a nutrition expert but I believe Rolaids and cigarettes do not make a nutritious meal. I could be wrong as I’ve never tried them.

Narration - He would lay on the floor and try to stay calm but every once in a while he would rise and begin to pace.  At one point he pried open the elevator doors only to see a brick wall.  He screamed for help, but the maintenance workers who were occasionally around fixing things never heard. As time went on, he realized he had no idea if it was day or night.

Live - By the way, the footage I keep showing Is the actual time lapsed footage of Nicholas. The whole thing is on YouTube

Narration - On Sunday at 4 p.m he was sleeping when a voice on the intercom suddenly broke the silence  “Is there someone in there?” the voice asked. “Yes, White replied. “What are you doing in there?” was the response. When he was finally rescued after 41 hours.

 41 hours – Part 3

Narration - In an article in the Daily Mail in march of 2009, Nick told his story. In one part, he says, “Then I started to become angry. I thought someone should pay for this, and that if I ever got out of the lift…” The next day after he was  set free from his elevator cage, reporters waited outside his apartment and ever word he said made the papers. It wasn’t long before the lawyers began to call.

Live -  “They told him he could sue for millions. On advice from the lawyers, he quit his job. They told him it would help his case.

Narration - He began to think of the million he would receive and the fact he could retire and live in the Caribbean. In 2004 his case went to trial. At that time he had no money and no job. He ended up getting a lot less than he was led to believe. To this day he is not allowed to disclose the actual amount. The money didn’t last long

Live - He said in the Daily Mail article,  “My life was good before the ordeal, but I went for the big bucks and ruined everything. My relationship with my girlfriend broke down. I haven’t had a job for ten years and I have never married. I walked into a lift with one kind of life and walked out with a completely different one. But it wasn’t the lift that ruined my life. It was me. I just gave it away. Lawyers talked of millions, and I just let go of the ropes

41 hours – Part 4

Narration - What is the moral of this story?  Don’t ride elevators? No, Elevators are safe for the most part. safer than most forms of transportation.  Don’t trust lawyers? Well Duh, but that is not it either.  How about sometimes shits happens, and you should deal with it, as a reasonable adult.

Live - Nicholas White is just a reflection of the world we live in now. People don’t want to pay there dues and work their way up, they want instant success and instant millions, weather it is playing the lottery or appearing on American Idol to be an instant superstar. There is no more struggle, no more fighting, it just instant millions, so if you get a chance to sue somebody and retire, whether you are right or wrong, your gonna take it. Sometimes, like Nicholas, it might ruin your life

Thought on Show 20

January 27th, 2014

So, I just completed show 20 of this season of Coffee with Jeff. I think it came out ok. I lot better than show 19. That episode was the worse episode I’ve done all year. I shouldn’t have posted it.

The hard part of this show is that lack of feedback. I get almost none. I often wonder if anyone actually finds what I do assuming.

The opening bit of this weeks show, my talk of the f-word, came out good, not even close to great, but good. I had to cut to a close up because I could finish the whole bit in one take. In fact, it took me like 30 takes to get it. It still could have come out better.

The rest of the show was the rest of the show and that is the problem. I find myself in sort of a rut. I need to change it up next week.

I’m always open to new ideas. Go a head and send them to

Ukulele Friday! Wish You Were Here

January 24th, 2014

Yes, it another Ukulele Friday. We bring you a fellow named CulpRJ and his cover of the Pink Floyd classic, Wish You Were Here.  What can go better with your coffee than the Ukulele and Pink Floyd!

Our Strange World – Stuck in Windshield

January 21st, 2014

Our_Strange_worldHere is a odd story you can ponder while you sip you coffee.

In 2007, a film came out called Stuck. The film was about a drunk girl who was driving when she struck a man who ended up stuck in the windshield of her car. She drove home and parked the car in her garage, with the poor, injured man still in her windshield. She’s go afraid the incident will destroy her life, , she keeps him in her garage as he dies.  A good horror story.

Last week in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a 20-year-old man, suspected of driving drunk, allegedly struck a pedal tricycle driven by a 56-year-old man. The tricyclist went partly through the windshield of the vehicle, but the driver kept driving, police said, and two blocks later, the driver failed to stop for a stop sign and struck a car. He drove home with the man in his window. Luckily, unlike the film, there were witnesses and the 56-year old man was able to get out and get help.

News Story – Wisconsin: Driver allegedly hits cyclist, returns home with victim in windshield

What an odd, strange world we live in.

Thoughts on the Superbowl

January 20th, 2014


As I drink my coffee, I think about the next week weeks. Now that it has been decided who will play in America’s great battle, I know that all sports programing if not on the ignore list until, maybe one hour before the big game. I have no interest in knowing every little detail about each individual player. I just don’t care.

I also don’t care about the “talent” on ESPN or any other sports network and what they think.

WHen does the pregame show start? Tomorrow.

I am also sick of people telling me they only watch the Superbowl to see the commercials. They will be run to death once the game is over, so go away.

I already tired of seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in a wig and a ping-pong paddle. WOW, can you feel the excitement that Bud Light is trying to create. DON”T FUCKING CARE!

All I want is to see that game. That’s it. All the other crap is a waste of my time.

When is baseball season going to get here.

Got more to say but m mug is empty.

Ukulele Friday! Love Theme from MST3K

January 17th, 2014

New on Friday here at Coffee with Jeff, we present a classic ukulele tune. THis tune is preformed by Elizabeth Rojo and done extremely well. The best part, she sang the original Joel song from the early seasons. Check it out! Nothing like good ukulele playing while you drink your coffee!

Music With Your Coffee – The Ducats

January 16th, 2014

I featured this song on my first Coffee With Jeff of season 6. It’s called, Hey Women” by The Ducats. Don’t know much about this band. An internet search yealded no results. According to the YouTube link I stole this from, the Ducats were a Canadian band who recorded this in 1965. It is a great garage rock tune. It was posted on YouTube by a fellow who goes my the name, tallmark. Thanks tallmark!

Being Insulted by TV Ads – Subway

January 15th, 2014

I’ve got a theory. When you are not good enough to make films, you work in television. If you can’t handle that, you go into radio. If that is too tough for you, next is a teacher at a community college. And one by one you go down until you are cleaning the smelly sewer pipes below a forgotten city in Alaska. Just under that job is being an advertising man.

For instance, look at the new Subway advertising campaign. JanuANY. Holy crap, is that cleaver? About is cleaver at the scribble drawings of a 5 year old.

I bet the guy who thought of that was real proud of himself. And you will have to forgive me for my sexist ways, but I assume it was a man. I would like to believe most women are smarter than that, but I am probably wrong. Anyway, so I imaging a man drinking his coffee, looking at the calendar hanging on the fridge, dreading going to work because todays the day he has to present his new television campaign idea to the ad executives at Subway (or whatever large corporation owns Subway) Hours go by. He’s on his 15th cup, his third pack of cigarettes, afraid to go to work. He says, “January . . . January . . .must come up with an idea for January. Any idea, I just need an idea. For January… any idea… January… any . . .JanuANY”

Suddenly he lights up and yell, “Yahoo!”

He tells his wife the good news before he runs out the house to go to his big meeting. The wife looks at the kids with fear in her eyes, fear of losing the house.

Somehow this idea gets approved, and I can only think that time ran out without a better idea. I would hate to think anyone involved actually thought this was a good campaign! A

And now I have to listen all the b-grade sports celebrities at every commercial break ramble on about JanuANY.

THe folks who come up with these ideas are either real stupid, or think we are real stupid. Here is an idea Subway, stops spending millions of dollars on stupid ad campaigns and work on a better tasting sandwich.

LOL Where you really laughing?

January 14th, 2014

LOL! Have you ever typed those three letters? Let me ask you a question. Where you really laughing? No? How does it feel to be a liar?

I don’t know how many times I’ve read a post or an email in which someone had typed LOL after their little, quirky comment. I find that wrong on so many levels.

First of all, where you really laughing at your own joke? Where you really? Somehow I find that sad. You know what laughing at your own joke is like? That’s like canned laughter in sitcoms, you know, where they used to add fake laughing and applause so the audience at home would know it was time to laugh, just in case they didn’t realize that last line of dialogue was a punchline.

Comedians who laugh at their own jokes are poor entertainers, my friend! In fact, I bet people who laugh at their own jokes are those same people who drink coffee without caffeine! I mean, what’s the point! If you are going to drink coffee, drink coffee, real, caffeinated coffee! If you are going to tell jokes, tell funny jokes that don’t need prompting to make the audience know it is funny.

Emo Phillips, there is a man who knows how to tell a joke and I bet you Emo Phillips drinks caffeinated coffee, black, strong coffee with plenty of Caffeine in it, just like I am doing right now!